Mobile Gen4

Mobile Solutions for Sales Producers

Producers belong on the road making much more effective would they be if their database travelled with them?
Mobile Gen4 is the sales producers real time on the road data assistant. Accessible on all modern smart phones and tablet devices, Mobile Gen4 is a real time, live connection for your sales producers to your staff and your Gen4 agency database platform.

Mobile Gen4 as a product is a recognition that it is not realistic to ask producers to sit at a desk all day and document phone calls and notes. Rather than asking a sales producer to adjust to life in the office, Mobile Gen4 is an office on the go for the sales producers, whenever and wherever they need. Will my sales producer still need to come into the office? Well, we'll leave that one to you.

What can I do with Mobile Gen4?
  • Access your calendar
  • Look up your customers
  • View customer policy data
  • Access customer documents
  • View and manage your sales opportunity pipeline
  • Create new prospects
  • Assign meeting follow-ups to staff members in real-time
  • Include voice dictated notes and meeting follow-ups (requires a mobile phone that supports for voice dictation)

The better question is what can't you do with MobileGen4?