HR Central

HR Support & Communication

Customer service and support solutions for the new reality
HR Central is about re-inventing the way your agency communicates with and services your customer base. Is it really necessary to re-invent what has been working for so many years in the industry? Unfortunately, it is.

Changes in HIPAA and the recently revamped HiTech Act, have forced insurance brokers into a new reality in managing customer communications and customer service. Protecting the data you receive from your customers, protecting your customers and how they send your staff data, protecting all parties and how, where, and what fashion the data is stored, is the new reality.

Gen4's HR Central was built to help overcome these challenges for insurance brokers. At the heart of HR Central is a customer service and communications solution. HR Central includes an encrypted customer service engine that can connect your staff with your customers. Claims requests, policy information, employee censuses, and all of the documents can be securely exchange between your staff and your customers without the need for any add-on email encryption or other related products. On the communication side, your customers have real-time access to important policy documents and data. Your staff is empowered with the ability to initiate customer communications either one at a time or en-mass, quickly and securely.