Group Self-Service

Self-Service Solutions for your Clients

From employees to managers to HR staff to your team, everyone has a home in Gen4's Group Self-Service solutions.
Self-service solutions are about empowering your customer with a solution that brings value, integrates into their business, and increases client retention. The Group Self-Service solution in Gen4 is a collection of products bundled under one license:
Employee Self-Service Sites

Employee Self-Service sites bring true value and interactivity to the employee. Not only can employees view important benefit information and company policies and procedures, but employees can also interact with the solution in a variety of meaningful ways: request time-off and leave; view their time-off hours, update their employment profile, access their annual reviews, open service requests to their HR manager, and more. By extending the Employee Self-Service site into their daily work lives, the solutions becomes a more integral part of customer's world.

Manager Self-Service Sites

Manager Self-Service sites build off of the functionality of Employee Self-Service sites, but extend to incorporate common managerial needs within a company. Managers can have access to a variety of information on their direct reports from compensation to benefits to time-off. A variety of security permissions control how involved managers can be from being able to approve time-off requests, adjust salaries, view contact information on just their direct reports or the whole company.

Online Enrollment

Online enrollment is a service within the Group Self-Service package that can be offered at either the employee, manager, and/or HR levels. Providing your groups with a simpler, yet flexible enrollment solution, all levels of a company can quickly and easily conduct their various enrollment needs. Advanced tracking and resolution reports on the HR and Agency side take the headache away from managing complex open enrollments.

HR Self-Service Sites

HR Self-Service is about providing your customers with an A-to-Z human resources database system. A true HRIS database, Gen4's HR Self-Service solution provides for full employee tracking, document management, issue tracking, compensation management, payroll exporting, and much more. As with all Gen4 Group Products, HR Self-Service sites are seamlessly integrated into your Gen4 Agency Management system providing your staff realtime access to census and benefit election data.

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