General Agency Management

Built for General Agencies

Don't rely on a database built for brokers...see the difference in a system designed for GAs

Tired of trying to use a system designed for a broker for your general agency? Many times it is missed how much more complicated a general agency's requirements truly are. At Gen4 we recognize that although a broker and general agencies are both in the insurance space, there is a lot to being a GA.

Gen4's General Agency Management System (GA System) is an upgrade to the base Agency Management platform that introduces a collection of tools and capabilities designed specifically for GAs. You will notice the difference in nearly everything you do within the system. From tracking both the broker and their customers, to reporting, to commissions, to data security for segmenting which users can access which records in the system, Gen4's General Agency Management System is built for you.

At a Glance
  • Built to service both group and individual GA's and MGA's
  • Track both the broker and the customers the broker is writing for you
  • Roll up reporting allows you to run broker specific customer, policy, renewal and revenue reports
  • Advanced data security enables you to silo data access from one agent to another within your Gen4 GA System
  • Track agent licenses and run license expiration and renewal reports
  • Optional access to Gen4's agent portal product