Agent Portal

Agent Portal for Outside Producers

Bringing outside agents into the fold with data access and commission solutions

The Agent Portal provides a customer service solution and read-only access portal for outside agents. The Agent Portal product is commonly implemented in conjunction with Gen4's General Agency management system.

With the agent portal, a producer has access to all cases they placed with your agency, key contact, phone, address information, and detailed specifications on the policies you're managing for the customers. Fully integrated with Gen4's commission system, the agent portal provides producers with access to each month's commission runs, year to date commission reporting, ad-hoc commission reporting, relieving your commission manager from constant phone calls and emails requests.

Available in small package and large package sizes, the agent portal can be a valuable solution whether your agency is only working with a few outside producers or hundreds of outside producers.

At a Glance
  • Read-only access to protect your agency data
  • Customer data access limited to only their block
  • Agent access to all their commission information
  • Automated agent email notifications for monthly or weekly commission runs
  • Integrated service ticketing system to streamline requests and questions
  • Scalable from a few to hundreds of agents