Agency Management

An Agency Business CRM

The Last Agency Management System You Will Ever Buy!

The cornerstones of a successful insurance broker's business is their customer base, the producers, and their back office staff. Gen4's agency management system is the business solution that empower all three to success.

Designed from the ground up just for insurance brokers, Gen4's Agency Management System is not your typical CRM solution being sold to countless companies in countless industries. Gen4's Agency Management System is tailored specifically for your business. Although there is a great deal of customization available to your team, for most of our customers Gen4's Agency Management System is a out of the box ready business CRM.

What can I do with a Gen4 Agency Management System?

Gen4's Agency Management System is the hub for managing your business. It handles the full life cycle of your engagements from lead tracking to prospect management, sales pipeline management, customer tracking, customer service, commissions and more. Gen4's Agency Management System is also the hub for your sales producers with mobile solutions enabling sales producers to be fully connected with phone and tablet access, in realtime, while on the road. Gen4's Agency Management System ensures your agency gets paid, and gets paid correctly. With commission management solutions second to none, Gen4's Agency Management System will track your receivables, tell you when you are missing money, tell you when you have been paid incorrectly, and easily handle paying your agents.

Who uses the Gen4 Agency Management System?

Your team, and optionally, your customers. Gen4's Agency Management System provides all the tools your back office staff need to track customer policies, manage RFPs, generate proposals, track renewals and handle service issues. Your sales staff will benefit from simple and easy to use lead management and prospecting systems. If your agency is looking for a more formalized approach to prospecting, Gen4 is equipped with a full sales pipeline management module. Optionally your customers can benefit with add-on products that bolt directly into your agency management system providing customer service portals, benefit websites, and if needed full self-service and enrollment solutions.


Do I need a server in my office to run Gen4?
No. Gen4 is a native web application and only requires a modern Internet browser and an Internet connection; even your documents can be stored directly in Gen4 for a true paperless office.
Do I have to use Internet Explorer to use Gen4?
No. Gen4 will work with either Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.
Is Gen4 supported on a Mac?
Yes. All aspects of Gen4 can be run on a Mac.
Will Gen4 integrate with my Outlook?
Yes. Gen4's Outlook Connector provides direct integration with Microsoft outlook.
Does Gen4 offer personalized training services?
Yes. Please visit our training page under the services menu for more details on the wide array of learning and support solutions Gen4 has to help your team successfully transition.
Can you transfer my current database system?
Yes. We call them data migrations and we handle them for you. Our programming team will work with you to extract, convert and move any and all data into your new Gen4 Agency Management System.