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Enrollment Options

About Enrollment
Gen4 provides a collection of enrollment tools to handle all scenarios. From employee and hr focused options to a collection of power tools just for your team.
New Hire Enrollment
Designed specifically to handle the complexities of new hire enrollment processing. The new hire enrollment wizard includes waiting period management, pending elections, time constrained employee access, and much more to handle new hire requirements.
Mid-Year Enrollment
People get married, have kids, and grow families. Your enrollment tools need to grow alongside your client base. Gen4's mid-year enrollment tools provide the transactional tools needed to easily manage and process mid-year plans changes.
Open Enrollment
Gen4's open enrollment process utilizes a step-by-step approach, guiding each eligible employee through their benefit options and helping them make the best choice for themselves and their families. The open enrollment wizard enables employees to view current elections, allows for pre-selected passive enrollment, and includes the tracking reports needed to simplify your client's life.
Enrollment Power Tools
Designed and exclusively available for your staff, Gen4's enrollment power tools help brokers administer benefits across a collection of companies. From bulk enrollment processing through year to year enrollment replication, your Gen4 agency management system is there to simplify enrollment service management.

Data Processing

About Data Processing
Providing employees and hr managers an enrollment platform is only half the battle. What do you do with the data and how do we get it to the carriers? Data processing is all about the different options Gen4 brings to the table, enabling your team to select the option that best meets your customer service desires and support requirements.
Broker Assisted Enrollment
Growingly popular in the brokerage community, Broker Assisted Enrollment provides paperless enrollment to the downstream customer without the hassle and problems of EDI 834 enrollment. With Broker Assisted Enrollment, all data is collected via Gen4's self-service solutions and accessible for management for the broker via their Gen4 agency management system. Broker Assisted Enrollment provides the optimal service to the customer while keeping control of service delivery squarely in the hands of the broker.
Digitized Enrollment Forms
Brokers and employers constantly struggle with getting employees to complete their benefit election forms accurately and completely. With many carriers refusing to issue benefit cards due to mistakes on election forms, making sure these forms are legible and properly completed is vital. Gen4's Form Digitization solves this problem by taking the carrier's own enrollment forms and automatically populating the forms with important employee demographic and election information.
EDI Carrier Feeds
EDI 834 (Electronic Data Feeds) is the HIPAA designated approach for electronically transmitting enrollment data to insurance carriers. Gen4 provides a rich collection of enrollment solutions as well as advanced reporting and API (application program integration) access for integrating Gen4's enrollment solutions into your local EDI provider solutions.
Excel Based Enrollment
Excel based enrollments involved extracting enrollment data into Excel templates designed to be processed by the carrier. One of the easiest of the data transfer methods, Gen4 provides a collection of tools to assist your staff and your clients with getting the right data out in the right format.
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