Benefit Websites

Fast to build, easy to deploy, and require no effort on your team's part to maintain.
About Benefit Websites
Benefits Central is the ideal solution for communicating important company and benefit information to employees. Quick and simple to set up, yet highly customizable from one client to the next, Benefits Central solutions offer the best in employee information communication.

Most importantly, Benefits Central is a fully integrated application into your Gen4 Product Suite. With Gen4's Single Source Data Entry model, your agency can leverage the enormous benefits of entering benefit and policy information in one application and see that very same information in all of Gen4's HR and Employee product solutions.

Bringing value-added services and expanding your agency's portfolio of products and services is an important component to remaining competitive in today's market. To help extend your agency's value in the marketplace, Gen4 offers private labeling and branding options for your Benefits Central implementations. Gen4's private labeling and branding options enable your agency to not only offer benefit portal and employee self-service solutions to your clients, but to offer these solutions under your agency's own name and from your agency's corporate website.

  • Designed with your name, logo and agency image
  • Login and password options located on your agency's website
  • Security and encryption to protect important and sensitive information
    Customer Documents
    HR managers are constantly looking for easy-to-use tools for improving employee access to important company information. Gen4's integrated document management system provides employee access, at your discretion, to all key company documents, departmental based documents and internal policy documents.

    • Access HR policies and procedures
    • Access departmental based documents
    • Access private, employee specific documents, such as annual reviews, etc.
    • Simplified document access through document categorization
      News & Announcements
      A core need for all companies is the ability to quicky communicate important information about the company with employees. Gen4's Benefit Central solution comes equipped with a collection of tools to assist in communicating important news and announcements to the employee population. From company news and events to announcements and enrollment information, Benefits Central provides the tools a company needs to take employee communication to the next level.

      • Annoucements via web-page or email distribution
      • Frequently asked questions
      • Helpful links and website address catalogs
      • HR level adminstration and change management
      • News and events pages
        Plan Comparatives
        Communication and education are key components of an agency's responsibility to its client's employees. In today's competitive world where insurance carriers are constantly adjusting one plan from another, helping employees understand all the choices before them is critical. Gen4's Benefit Plan Comparative tool provides employees with easy-to- understand reports so they can compare the various plans available to them. Coupled with Gen4's benefit plan presentation tools, employees are provided with all the resources they need for an accurate and comprehensive understanding of the company's benefit packages.

        • Compare medical, dental, disability and life plan benefits
        • Compare medical, dental, disability and life plan rates
        • Run comparisons on current plans, historical plans or new options for open enrollment
        • Print views for quick and easy distribution of plan comparatives to employees
          Plan Details
          Gen4's Benefits Central solution provides instant access to key benefit and policy information. Whether employees are looking for rate structures on a life plan, a comparative benefit summary on the medical options, or access to key carrier documents, Gen4's Benefits Central solution provides quick and easy access to all benefit and policy data.

          • Quickly access key benefit and policy information
          • Access comparative benefit summaries
          • Access important carrier documents
          • Medical, dental and vision policies
          • Disability policies
          • Life policies
          • Flexible spending policies
          • Contribution policies (401k, dependent spending, etc.)
          • Multiple rating engines for composite, age-banding and divisor-based policies
            Plan Documents
            One of the primary drivers in providing an employee self-service solution is to make information important to an employee and their family readily accessible when they need it. Gen4 provides a large collection of tools to support this goal, but of particular note is the ability to provide access to key carrier and policy documents.

            • Easy employee access to documents for their elected benefit plans
            • Plan benefit summaries
            • Claims forms
            • Comparative benefit summaries
            • Address change forms
            • Guaranteed issue application forms
            • COBRA election forms
              With Gen4's template and customization options, each benefit portal and employee self-service solution can be presented with a design and color scheme unique and tailored to each specific client. With Gen4's Benefits Central Customization Manager, your agency controls all aspects of the benefit portal and employee self-service website. From menu systems to color options to content, your agency has the ability to make each solution special for each client.

              • Color scheme control and customization
              • Custom pages to fit any topic
              • Customizable menu systems
              • Multiple design templates for different types of companies