Team Management Doesn't Have to Be Chaotic

Working together as a team can be tough. What is the left hand doing? The right hand? Who's out sick? Who is responsible? Gen4 can help take the chaos away.
Nowhere is team management more important than in an insurance agency. If your agency is like most, you have key individuals responsible for sales, others for account management, and perhaps others still for claims, compliance, HR services, etc. With this type of diversified responsibility, it is critical to have a team management system in place that supports your agency. Gen4's collection of activity, workflow and process management solutions provides the ideal solution built specifically for insurance agencies.

  • Activity conflict checking to avoid duplicate scheduling
  • Freely assign activities from one team member to the next
  • Field phone calls and assign follow-up tasks for the appropriate team member
  • Manager "Views" enables quick determination of team member workloads
  • Time and labor tracking for true cost analysis reports
  • Workload analysis tools