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We understand...if producers are not on the road, they are not growing your business

Sales Teams


Gen4's customers range the gamut from 2 to 3 person brokerages to 100+ person brokerages. Although all brokers understand the value of winning new business, the tools needed by brokers vary considerably by their size and the amount of sales management each wishes to do. At Gen4 we understand that our job is not to force fit your team into our model, but rather to change our model to fit your team.

Gen4 offers two distinctive flavors of sales prospect management: quick and simple vs. feature rich and advanced. For those agencies looking for quick and simple, the next section is for you. For those agencies looking for a more traditional sales pipeline management solution, all the remaining sections are designed for you.

Quick and Simple Sales Prospecting
Gen4's quick and simple prospecting solution is designed for agencies that are not looking for lots of data tracking, but rather simplicity and speed. Leads can be imported, prospect reports by renewal month executed, calendars managed and deal closures tracked. Simple and easy.
Feature Rich and Advanced Sales Pipeline Solutions
For agencies looking for more of a traditional sales pipeline approach, Gen4's advanced sales management solution is your tool. With Gen4's pipeline solution the full life cycle of the engagement can be tracked from marketing, to lead generation, qualification, pipeline management to deal closure. Gen4's sales pipeline system enables you to track the quality, state and potential revenue value of your opportunities. Opportunities exist within a sales pipeline with age tracking, producer assignments, estimated closure dates, closure percentages and projected upcoming revenues.
Lead Management
All sales start with lead flow. Lead flow can be generated through referral or purchased via lists or sign-ups from various marketing events. In all cases leads can be very easily entered into Gen4 from either the main application interface, mobile interfaces for producers on the road, or via Gen4's Lead Import Excel template. Leads can be assigned to specific producers, lead sources tracked, and relationships of who within your world knows or is associated with the lead are all easily managed.
Qualified Prospect Tracking
A lead is one thing, but an interested lead you have a meeting with next week is another...what Gen4 calls a qualified prospect. It is easy within your Gen4 agency database to tell the difference, report on the difference and take your qualified lead to the next step. Activity and workflow systems enable you to track your notes throughout the sales process, schedule follow-ups, receive reminders of upcoming appointments, and access all information on your office computer, tablet device, or smart phone.
Sales Pipeline Management
At the heart of all advanced sales teams is a pipeline management system, what Gen4 calls opportunity management. All prospect opportunities are managed via a customizable sales pipeline. Your team has quick and easy visibility into where in the pipeline is the current prospect, how long has that prospect aged in the pipeline, and how many opportunities does each producer have throughout the steps of the pipeline. Each opportunity in the pipeline is equipped with a collection of advanced tracking fields to measure estimated commission, closure probability, estimated closure dates, decision maker identification, etc. Understanding that not all opportunities are won, Gen4's sales pipeline management system also tracks losses, abandoned opportunities, and allows for recycling old opportunities on pre-determined timelines.
Marketing Integration
Does your agency have a marketing budget? Is it easy for you to determine how much revenue a marketing initiative generated versus it's cost? Do you have easy insight into how many marketing events your team has run over the years, success metrics, recycle metrics, etc.? If these are the types of things that interest you, Gen4's marketing solution is a quick and simple tool for tracking marketing events, costs, touch-points within an event, all of which can be directly tied back to the sales opportunities generated and subsequently won by each marketing event.
The Mobile Producer

At Gen4 we understand your producers are not making money if they are not on the road. And if they are on the road they are not in the office sitting down in front of their computer where all their data resides. At Gen4 we don't believe in forcing producers back to the office for nightly data updates, but rather creating an environment where the producer takes the office with them. Gen4's mobile solutions are designed specially for the on the road sales producer and provides a wealth of information accessible via our tablet and phone applications. From their smart phones producers can:

  • Access all names, addresses and phone numbers
  • Get quick one-click google map locations
  • Access key customer policy and service information
  • Have full control over their sales pipeline
  • Enter new prospects on-the-fly
  • Manage their calendar, schedule appointments and add notes to completed appointments
  • Schedule follow-ups calls, meetings and to-do(s)
  • Assign follow-up tasks to staff members back in the office in real-time
  • Not be chained to the desk
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