RFPs & Proposals Done Quick and Easy

Tired of spending tons of time tracking outstanding RFPs? Are proposals taking too long to complete? Need a secure communication tool for carriers? We can help!

Gen4's RFP engine takes the time and pain out of preparing, delivering and collecting RFPs. The RFP wizard enables you to drop email one, three, a dozen, or more RFPs in just minutes. Your carriers are provided a secure, encrypted web portal branded to your agency to collect the RFP material and respond back with quotes.

  • Carrier distribution lists for bulk delivery
  • Automatically generated Word RFPs
  • Include any file needed for the carriers (census, rate history, claims history, etc.)
  • Target instructions by carrier rep, line of coverage
  • Include tailored quoting instructions specific to your team
  • Receive automatic tracking when carriers receive and view your RFPs
  • RFP reporting shows you carrier reps that are bottlenecking your RFP processes

With Gen4's Proposal Excel report generator, the hassle and time consuming nature of building comparative benefit excels is now a thing of the past. With Gen4's Comparative Excel report generator you can choose from one or more of a client's existing policies and as many alternate options as you wish from your policy library.

  • Build comparative excels in under a minute!
  • Include CEO/Executive summary pages
  • Auto calculate percentage and dollar increases and decreases
  • Supports all common line of coverages
  • Your team has full control over plan benefits for comparisons
  • Include any policy from your policy library
  • Include any policy ever built in your agency database!
  • Rate inclusion options include standard composite rates as well as age banded rates
Enrollment Packets

At Gen4 we have never understood why RFP and Proposal systems always tend to stop with the proposal. Does your renewal stop when you finish the proposal? Of course not, and neither should your agency system. With Gen4 you not only receive a comprehensive renewal management system, but you also get the tools needed to see the process through.

Once your customer makes their final decisions from the proposal, now we have an enrollment to prepare for. Forms, forms and more forms...or does it have to be that way? With Gen4's RFP/Proposal tool you can generate employee specific, pre-populated enrollment forms in minutes. Now rather than sending blank PDFs via email, you can send employee specific versions of all the applicable enrollment forms.

  • Select from a Gen4 maintained library of national enrollment forms
  • Easily merge enrollment forms with your group's census
  • Produce enrollment packets for each employee inclusive of all the forms they need
Data Entry

Okay, so we have finished the RFPs, prepared the proposal, and finally finished open enrollment. Done right? Nope, now you have the wonderful task of entering all the group's plan choices into your agency management system of choice....well....not if you were using Gen4. How much time would save if you didn't have to enter a single plan into your agency management system at the end of the renewal cycle? (At least another day of vacation!)

  • Automated population of customer policy records from year to year
  • Simple wizard let's you extract plans from your proposal for data re-use for the next benefit year
  • Save that extra week or two for vacation, not data entry!
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