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At the end of the day, if you can't use the data what is the point

It's great to be able to track everything, but if you can't get to your data, when you need it, how you need it, then what's the point? Powerful and flexible reporting services should not be a wish list item, but a requirement for brokers looking for a new agency management system.

Gen4 answers the reporting need in a variety of ways. Your new agency management system comes equipped with over 200 reports ready for use out of the box. Many of these reports also include an easy to use filtering system so one report can be run a variety of different ways. For example a renewal report constrained by account manager, or sales rep, or small groups only, is still just one report. Need your data on the go? All Gen4 reports are equipped with a one-click export to Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

For those with more specific needs, Gen4's customer report writer is the solution for you. The customer report writer doesn't take a masters degree in programming to use. It's easy to use, point and click interface, enables your team with very little training to begin creating your own reports. Custom reports can be saved directly into your Gen4 reporting system for continued re-use, all are equipped automatically with exports to Word and Excel, and security permissions can be installed if the data within the report needs to be protected.

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