Chaotic Renewal Seasons?

If your team is suffering from chaotic renewals, Gen4 offers two different solutions depending on your needs.
About Renewal Management
The Gen4 Agency Management System brings the industry's most advanced policy, renewal and proposal management system to your agency. With built-in support for all types of group policies, integrated renewal reporting, advanced renewal process management, and a multi-faceted proposal system, your agency can manage clients efficiently and effectively. Coupled with a variety of advanced data management concepts like policy libraries and plan modeling, the Gen4 Agency Management System is not only infinitely detailed, but also quick and easy to use.
Comparative Excels
With Gen4's Comparative Excel report generator, the hassle and time consuming nature of building comparative benefit excels is now a thing of the past. With Gen4's Comparative Excel report generator you can choose from one or more of a client's existing policies and as many alternate options as you wish from your policy library.

  • Build comparative excels in under a minute!
  • Customizable plan benefit library
  • Include in-force policies for a client
  • Include previously in-force policies for a client
  • Include any policy from your policy library
  • Include any policy ever built in your agency database!
  • Optional ability to include rate comparatives alongside benefits
  • Rate inclusion options include standard composite rates as well as age banded rates
Renewals Done Simple
Managing your renewal cycle has never been easier than with the Gen4 Agency Management System. Whether your agency manages renewals by account manager, group size, fully insured vs. self-funded, or any of two dozen other defining factors, the solution's collection of renewal reports provides your agency the ability to track and process renewals quickly and efficiently.

  • Process step based renewal reporting for weekly staff meetings (never lose track of your renewals again)
  • Support for single policies with multiple differing rate sets
  • Automated policy terminations
  • Mail merge based renewal reporting
  • Quick policy entry minimizes work necessary to track renewals
  • Integrated activity system enables team to track tasks and deadlines
  • Integrated benefit election engine provides for detailed per employee, per election tracking
Renewals with A Kick
For agencies looking to graduate their renewal management to the next level, the Gen4 Agency Management System's automated renewal process management engine is your key to success. This solution automatically handles the tracking of all steps in your renewal cycle. As each step is needed, the Gen4 system will automatically schedule a task for the appropriate team member, send automated email alerts to both task owners and managers, and automatically handle the routing of a renewal from one step to the next.

  • Automatically route renewals to different team members based on each individual's responsibility
  • Create customizable renewal processes
  • Customized alerts notify managers when tasks start to fall behind schedule
  • Notification alerts inform team members when renewal items require their assistance
  • Pre-built renewal processes ready for your use!
  • Renewal Library management system enables one process to be used across different clients and team members
Renewal Reporting
The Gen4 Report Center provides the ultimate flexibility in when and how you run your renewal reports. Whether you are looking to see only your specific renewal block, the entire agency's renewal block, renewals by client, renewals by process step, etc., the Gen4 Report Center is there to assist. With a large collection of pre-built renewal reports and the ability to custom design your own renewal reports, there is no limit on how you can report on your agency's renewals.

  • Renewals by account manager
  • Renewals by carrier
  • Renewals by client
  • Renewals by custom date filtering
  • Renewals by premium
  • Renewals by renewal process step
  • Renewals by sales agent
  • Renewals by type of business (medical, dental, etc.)
  • Renewals by any combination of the above items and much more...
RFPs & Proposals
The Gen4 Agency Management System's proposal management engine provides all the tools necessary to make clean and professional looking proposals for both carriers (for alternate rate quotes) and your clients. Gen4's flexible proposal report generator enables you to leverage the work of a single proposal for multiple and differing audiences.

  • Census importing
  • Comparative or linear based reporting
  • Full proposal production
  • Include cover letters, summary sheets and disclaimers
  • Policy importing
  • Proposal report generator