Mobile Solutions for Sales Producers

Stop trying to bring sales producers back to the office just to data enter; instead let's bring them the tools to take the office with them.

Today's insurance sales person is a road warrior, traveling from one meeting to the next throughout the day. To be at your best, you need the tools for today's business with you at all times. Gen4's MobileGen4 product provides real-time access to all important aspects of your agency system. From calendaring and phone/address lookups to claims history and policy details, the full scope of your client and prospect relationship is at your fingertips with MobileGen4!

  • Accessible from any Internet driven PDA/phone
  • Calendar access and real-time scheduling ability
  • Easily assign activities to staff directly from MobileGen4
  • Full access to client records, including:
    • Client address, phone, key contact information
    • Client claims history and open/pending service work
    • Client relationships (who does your client know, and who knows them)
    • Policy details (summary view, rates, contributions, benefits)
    • Policy documents (plan summaries, claims forms, etc.)
    • Prospect opportunities and associated detail
  • Optimized for slow speed connections and smaller screen display
  • Quick searching for names and numbers
  • WAP (Wireless Access Protocal) enabled for today's leading phones and PDAs