Benefit Enrollment Tracking

Gen4's collection of benefit enrollment tools handle all your enrollment tracking needs
Gen4 offers comprehensive support for enrollment management at all levels of the product suite. Within this section we are more targeted to agencies looking to manage employee benefit enrollment data for various customer service purposes. If you are also interested in or only looking for enrollment solutions for your groups to leverage, we can help you there too, simply head on over to the Group Solutions section.
Why bother with enrollment management?
It depends on your agency. Some of Gen4's brokerage customers position themselves as the central point for any enrollment changes with their groups. For customer service reasons they store and track each employee's enrollment. Other customers offer billing solutions to their clients, where the broker creates and sends a consolidated bill to the client, collects payment, and manages the payment process with the carriers. There are a collection of other reasons that we see as well, but regardless, if your agency is looking to track employee benefit enrollment, you need a tool that is streamlined for the process, quick and need Gen4.
What enrollment tracking tools can you help with?
Several! What enrollment scenario are you facing? For initial group loads Gen4 provides a bulk enrollment tool that streamlines and speeds the process of loading large numbers of elections. Have an employee get married? Perhaps have a baby? For mid-year changes Gen4 provides a coverage by coverage adjustment and historical tracking tool. Prepping your system for next year? We can handle that for you. In a matter of minutes you can duplicate enrollment from one year to the next, making multi-year management exceedingly easier.
Can we talk about customer billing?
Absolutely. From a business perspective there are a lot of things that go into customer billing. However, from your agency management's perspective, with the right behind the scenes engine a customer bill is as simple as a report, and Gen4 has a dozen on this topic alone you can choose from.
Is there reporting that can help us?
Short answer, yes. Long answer, Gen4 has a dedicated section of its reporting engine for our customers that track benefit enrollment data. From total compensation reports to company annual benefit summaries for payroll stuffing to a custom reporting engine for all your needs we just haven't thought of yet, Gen4's reporting center is there to support your team.
What about my groups?
We have you covered there too. Gen4's Group Self-Service products include enrollment support at both the employee and HR manager level. Better yet, all enrollment services are seamlessly integrated into your Gen4 agency management system. A change in one instantly is available in all, complete with full auditing of data changes for accountability.