Compliant Customer Service

Newsletters are no longer enough...Read on to learn the new paradigm
Compliant customer service is all about keeping your agency in business. Think of it this way, how many places in your office can you find employee ePHI protected data? How many of your stats computers keep ePHI data unencrypted and unsecured? Did you know that Microsoft Outlook is the number one cause of noncompliance with HIPAA and high-tech data security requirements? If your agency is not taking these types of data protection requirements seriously, placing your future in jeopardy.

Gen4's compliant customer service solutions are designed to help solve your data compliance challenges. Emails and attachments from Microsoft Outlook can be directly saved securely into your Gen4 agency database, removing the need to store them in your mail system. HR managers can be provided with a secure online customer service submission system that ensures all your clients are providing your team service and document information in encrypted and secure fashion. Integrated RFP and proposal systems connect your carriers to your staff and your staff to your customers for exchanging all renewal information.

In today's world it is possible to provide outstanding customer service, protect your business from compliance liabilities, and to do so affordably and efficiently. At Gen4 we can help you along this road.