Making Commissions Easy

Commissions, carriers, agents, correct payments: these items don't always go hand in hand. Let Gen4 help connect the dots.
Do you know you are missing commissions but have no consistent way to track it? Do you need to pay multiple agents on different policies but are tired of spending the entire week running the numbers? Are you trying to get a better handle on your agency's financial positioning and are just looking for the best product to get you there? If these or other related questions are the types of problems you need to solve, join the growing number of insurance agencies that have turned to Gen4 to solve their commissions management needs. With built-in support for group and individual lines of business, life-based and premium-based rules, support for global rules management and multiple splits per policy, Gen4's commission management system is a best-of-breed solution.
Gen4's dual-mode commissions management system provides the ultimate flexibility in calculating estimates for how your agency is due to be paid. Coupled with the ability to distinguish between expected commissions and actual commissions, the Gen4 commissions management system provides the ultimate flexibility for a commissions manager.

  • Calculate commission estimates based on benchmarked data
  • Calculate commission estimates based on enrollment data
  • Integration with the Gen4 benefits enrollment system for automatic updates to your commissions calculations
  • Separately track premium, headcount and commissions estimates from actual premium, headcount and commission receivables
Tired of keying in every check, every policy, for every statement period? Looking for a better and faster way to process commissions each month? Gen4's Commission Importing system is your solution to quick and efficient commission management. Simply import the commission statements you aleady receive in an excel file and let Gen4 do the work for you. With commission importing, missing commissions are automatically detected and agent splits automatically calculated. All that remains for you is review and missing commission review! Not yet getting your statements in an excel format? Contact your carrier today as many provide this ability, but only upon request.

  • Automated missing commission detection
  • Automated agency split generation
  • Easily import an excel based commission statement
  • Import multiple checks for a single carrier per month
  • Post import adjustment capabilities
The Gen4 Commissions engine has built-in support for posting checks for Carriers, GA (General Agencies), TPAs (Third Party Administrators) or any other 3rd party from whom you receive payments. For each of your checks, the Gen4 Commissions engine intelligently selects the appropriate policies that are to be paid by each specific paying entity, thus saving your team the time and complication of sifting through your entire policy database.

  • Automatically track check totals and remaining amounts to be applied
  • Built-in adjustments tracking system for managing bonuses and charge backs
  • Easy to use and quick to enter program design
  • Post checks from Carriers, GAs, TPAs or other 3rd party entities
  • Support for multiple checks per carrier for a single statement period
One of the most difficult aspects of commissions management for insurance professionals is properly tracking monies coming from one statement period with the correct premium billing cycle for each group's policies. Coupled with the need to properly estimate commissions, simply knowing if you are being paid correctly and completely becomes a nightmare. Gen4's commission reconciliation engine takes the headache out of tracking, distributing, and reconciling your commissions receivables.

  • Adjustment management engine for bonuses and charge backs
  • Automatic roll-over of missing commission items
  • "Cleared" line-item designations for better managing multi-month payments
  • Dual-mode commissions system (benchmarking estimates vs. actual enrollment tracking)
  • Leveling reports for identifying months where you were paid less than expected
  • Quick and easy to use interface
  • Track monies across statement periods and billing periods
The ability to track commissions is only as good as the commissions rules built into a system. You do not want to get caught with a commissions system limited in the types of rules it can support. The Gen4 commissions system has built-in support for all major carrier rule types, including multi-level, multi-tier based rule structures.

  • Aggregated premium rules
  • Date based rule management for group policies
  • Life based rules
  • Premium based rules
  • Premium year-to-date rules
  • Renewal rule processing algorithms for staged rule changing
  • Support for unlimited rule leveling ($0 - $10K is 5%; $10K to $50K is 4%, etc.)
  • Support for multi-tier based rules (Under 50 lives is life leveled; over 50 lives is premium leveled)
  • Year based rules management from issue date for individual policies
Tired of learning you are missing commission payments from the carrier? Do you have trouble tracking on which statements you were paid for by which months? Did you know that many carriers only honor commission adjustments within a six-month period? With Gen4's commissions engine, these headaches are a thing of the past. Missing commissions are automatically tracked in the system for you, ensuring your agency is paid what you are properly due.

  • Automatic tracking of missing commissions
  • Automatic roll-over of missing commissions from one statement to the next
  • "Cleared" line-item designations for better managing multi-month payments
  • Manage monies across statement and billing periods
  • Multiple month billing period based reporting for month leveling analysis
Anyone who handles commissions management for an insurance agency will tell you there is no such thing as an easy month. Every month an agency receives a commission check there are inevitably problems to track and items to confirm. To assist commissions managers with these challenges, the Gen4 commission management system comes equipped with a policy level flagging and reminders system, enabling commissions managers to quickly tag policies and resolve issues.

  • Flagging resolution system tracks resolution date and reason
  • Flagging and reminders reporting system
  • Issue flags for current month problems
  • Reminder flags for items for next month
The Gen4 commissions engine comes with built-in support for unlimited split tracking per policy. Whether you are paying your agents a flat finder's fee, a percentage of commission received, or a declining commissions scale based on policy age, Gen4 can track it for you.

  • Ability to schedule splits with automatic discontinuation based on plan renewal or policy age
  • Intelligent split rules based reporting for split auditing
  • Percent of commissions and/or finders fees
  • Support for declining commissions schedules
  • Support for determining whether splits should be paid on overrides or excesses
  • Unlimited splits per policy
  • Unlimited splits per agent
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