Activities & Tasks

Helping our customers better manage their to-do lists, meet deadlines, and stay ahead of the curve
Activity management --- the tracking of phone calls, emails, meeting notes, etc. --- is the foundation of any workflow management system. Whether your agency is only interested in the basics of correspondence tracking, or in need of more advanced solutions associated with claims tracking and process management, the Gen4 Activities engine is a core source of workflow management.

  • Ability to build complex tasks involving other agency team members
  • Auto-follow-up tools assist sales agents with quick and easy-to-use prospect correspondence solutions
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Automatic history recording of all activity items
  • Automatic integration with the Gen4 process management and opportunity engines
  • Manager level tools enable quick analysis of who is working on what
  • Special categorization capabilities that provide detailed history and drill down capabilities
  • Special "View Based" approach allows for activity viewing by team members, category, client or contact
  • Track all your agency phone calls, meeting notes, to-do(s), email messages, etc. by agency team member and client/contact