New Client Implementation

Welcome to what?

New customer implementation refers to the process of what happens after you sign a contract. At Gen4 we customize every new customer's implementation to your team's specific goals, timelines and concerns. Implementation plans are developed one-on-one with a dedicated Implementation Coordinator. Each plan details all the steps, timelines and responsibilities for bringing your new agency solution online.

Did you know our average implementation is 18.5 months? Don't let that scare you's actually a really good number. Most software providers conclude the "implementation period" when you are provided a working copy of their software. But simply getting the software doesn't mean you know how to use it, right? It doesn't mean your team is leveraging the benefits of why you bought it in the first place, right? At Gen4, we can indeed have you up and running with a new agency management system in a matter of days, but we prefer to structure the timeline of your implementation to accomplishing the goals you set forth when purchasing a Gen4 solution. As many times there are multiple goals that need to be accomplished in stages (client tracking, prospecting, policy management, RFPs/proposals, commissions, etc.) we feel it only fair that we stick around throughout your timeline, ensuring your team succeeds in your goals. 18 months? Well that is your number to define, but we are here to work with you regardless of the number.

Data Transfers

Big database, little database, off the shelf database, custom database...we migrate it all
Have an existing database system? Do you get heartburn at the thought of re-keying years and years of data? There is no reason to feel this way. Gen4 provides a wide array of data transfer services from complete system transfers to smaller more Excel driven data transfers. In either case, our staff handles the heavy lifting, not your team. We do need to chat with you from time to time during the process, get a little assistance on testing the data transfer to ensure you are happy with the results, but transferring to another system should and can be pretty effortless for your team.

FAQs on Data Transfers

Can you migrate my database?
Most likely. We routinely migrate most of our competitor systems, so if you are currently parked with them we can help. If your database was custom built, we can help there as well, we just like to get a peek at the database so we can provide you with a good cost estimate.
Data transfers are scary, what if it goes wrong?
Data transfers can indeed be scary, and worse, impactful on your business, staff and customers if not done correctly. Gen4's process for data transfers takes the scary nature of this into consideration. Before your system goes live, before your staff are depending on the solution and the data within, your team gets to fully test all your data within a Gen4 agency database to ensure everything is perfect before going live.
Are data transfers expensive?
Yes and no, it depends on the database to transfer. Excel based data migrations tend to be very economical, more complex databases can be more expensive. Rest assured, Gen4 has packages you can choose from which include savings on data transfer costs.
Can I do it myself?
It depends on what you need to transfer. If you have company, contact, phone, address and email information, you can indeed do the transfer yourself with built in tools at your disposal. If you need policy data, notes, commissions, etc., then we are here to help.

Customer Support

Each and every day you deserve nothing but outstanding customer support!

You have opted to move forward with Gen4. You have your system up and running. Now you have questions, need advice, need help. That is where Gen4's customer service team steps into the picture. All Gen4 contracts by default include unlimited service tickets from any and all staff members. Anyone from your team can ask a questions or reach out for help; you are also welcome to ask as many questions as you like. Our dedicated support staff are here Monday thru Friday to help.

Does your team prefer a little more personalized support approach? An approach more phone driven, consultative and strategic in helping you reach your goals? Gen4's service packages provide such a flexibility for agencies that just like it another way.

Regardless of your preference, know your team is going to get outstanding customer service. Constantly monitored and independently measured, Gen4's customer service satisfaction rating is a whopping 97% over the most recent period!


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Training Solutions

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