Benefits Central

Benefit Websites

Setup one, ten, hundreds of employee benefit websites in just minutes
Benefits Central is an easy to use and simple to setup employee benefits website. They are used by your groups and provide employees of a company access to a wealth of plan and benefit details. Benefits Central sites can include all information about the company's benefit portfolio, including rates, documents, benefits, links to carrier websites, forms, etc.

For your clients that want to take it a step further, Benefits Central websites can be tailored specific to one client's needs. A company can incorporate their internal policies and procedures, new hire documentation, time-off and leave rules, etc. All the data accessibility requirements that companies over 50 have can be satisfied via a Benefits Central site.

Not interested in becoming a data entry clerk for your clients? We wouldn't want to be either. Benefits Central sites dynamically pull data directly out of your agency management system to eliminate all duplicate data entry. Let's say that again: no duplicate data entry. When its renewal time, you can 100% ignore every Benefits Central website you have as each will automatically update itself from your Gen4 agency database.