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Welcome to a brief history of Gen4!
  • 2018Sales Producers
    New Sales Producer CRM!!
    Tailored for Group and Individual Brokers
    Pipeline Management
    Phone and Tablet Access
    Individual or Team Based
    Simplest and Easiest System to Use in the Industry
  • 2017Leading the Way
    New Online Enrollment System
    Enrollment application digital signatures and batch routing
    New Employee Benefit Websites
    Employee Onboarding
    Employee Agreement Digital Signatures
    Pre-Built Employee Benefit website templates
  • 2016Big Enhancements for Service and Renewals
    Advanced Check-list management system for improved service issue and renewal tracking
    New Excel import tools for plan rates and benefits
    New and improved Policy Library management system with Excel import and update options
    Process Management enhancements with routing and automated customer notifications
  • 2015New Tools for our Customers
    New User Interface for the Agency and GA Management Systems
    New Personalization Options
    New HR Management System User Interface
    IRS 1094/1095 Solution
    New enrollment tools for brokers
    HR Manager content distribution
  • 2014Reinventing our Core Services
    Outlook Connector Ver. 2.0
    Advanced document management solution
    Rebuilt Mobile Solution for Smart Phones and Tablets
    Smart Phone Calendar Subscriptions
  • 2013Our Customers Spoke and We Listened
    New Gen4 customer service Wiki
    New customer service system
    New phone service delivery options
    Enhancements to process management
    Enhancements to commission system
    New ACA rating engine
  • 2012Lots and Lots of Improvements
    Enhancements to online enrollment
    Enhancements to hr management
    Enhancements to activity and workflow system
    Introduction of calendaring and team workflow
    Enhancements to commission system for MGAs
  • 2011Reinventing Renewal Management
    Additional enhancement to individual policy management
    Employee website template designs
    Introduces Process Management
    Significant enhancement to Outlook integration
  • 2010Doubling Down on Our Commitment to Individual Agencies
    Significant enhancement to individual policy management
    Enhancements to commission tracking
  • 2009It's All About Helping our Customers
    New RFP & Proposal system
    Gen4 University support center
  • 2008GAs, Workflow and HR
    New enhancements to HR database
    Introduction of Agent Portal
    Enhanced Workflow management
  • 2007Advanced Tools for More Complex Agencies
    IDA (Integrated Data Auditing)
    Digitization of carrier enrollment forms
    General Agency Management System
    Enhancements to Group Products
  • 2006Lots of Enhancements to Agency Management
    Introduces commission management
    Introduces online enrollment
    Gen4 Introduces Outlook Integration
    Introduces RFP & Proposal system
  • 20051st Product Release
    Agency Management System Ver. 1.0
    Employee Website Ver. 1.0
    HR Management Ver 1.0
  • 2004Start of Our Company
    Gen4 is founded and begins a 1.5 year effort to build the best agency management system tailored specifically for insurance brokers.