Data Security

Is your customer data secure? Are you sure?
What is data security for a broker?
Data security for insurance brokers is a challenging topic to master. The regulations are not 100% clear; what must be secured changes with the intent of data use; and many times trying to adhear to encryption recommendations makes day-to-day life overly cumbersome.

Gen4's collection of agency solutions helps remove the headache of running your agency. Being a web-based solution your data is encrypted both to and from your office and Gen4's data centers. Whether you are accessing your Gen4 agency database from your office, home, or via a remote phone or tablet device, your data is encrypted.

Where do you keep customer documents?
Where does your team store documents? Are you using a shared office drive? If yes, are the files encrypted on the drive itself? Maintaining secure document storage is a challenge for any agency as it involves both encrypting the transmission of the documents as well as encrypting the document itself when in a "rest" state. Gen4's document management solutions automatically manage both for your team. No special buttons to click, no special instructions for your team to remember.
Did you know Microsoft Outlook is not secure?
Make no mistake, we are fans of Microsoft Outlook; however, did you know that most implementations of Microsoft Outlook result in each of your staff members storing ePHI data in an unencrypted manner? In order for Outlook to perform quickly for your users, Outlook stores a copy of each user's mailbox locally on their machine in an unencrypted personal storage file. Lose the computer and you just handed an encrypted copy of every email over to the bad people.

Gen4's Microsoft Outlook Integration, the "Outlook Connector", enables your staff to synchronize all important emails and email attachments directly into Gen4's secure document storage solution, enabling your team to purge locally stored emails. All emails are accessible via Gen4, can be re-opened in Outlook for replies and forwards, and include all attachments in the original email.

Running your AMS from your office?
Are you running your agency management system from your office? Have you thought about site security in the event of a break-in, encrypting the data on your office server, where backups are stored and whether they are encrypted? There is a lot to consider when running your agency management system locally within your office. It can be done securely, but usually requires the assistance of a skilled IT partner.

One of the advantages of a private cloud system such as Gen4 is all your data is secure by default. Databases are stored in secure data centers, protected by security officers, biometric scanners, and locked computer cabinets. Documents are encrypted, both at rest on the hard drive and during transit. Database restores are done daily, stored in secured storage, and tested for restore integrity.

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